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Why You Shouldn’t Just Fire All Your Employees

As a small business owner, you know how expensive employee turnover can be. Factor in the cost of marketing open positions along with your time spent creating job descriptions, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding new employees, etc. and you quickly see the price rising. But if employee performance issues are not dealt with, they can become all-consuming for you and for the rest of your employees as well. So, is it best to fire problematic employees or try to work though the issues? Keep reading for takeaways from Courtney Berg’s recent webinar, “Can’t I Just Fire Them” Best Practices for Managing Employee Performance.

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Create A Workplace Wellness Strategy

Workplace health and wellness can seem almost like buzz terms at this point, but rest assured, they matter tremendously. Rather than simply looking for the highest pay or best career opportunities, job candidates today are seeking workplaces that value their well-being. And at the same time, a true focus on employee wellness will help to define a company’s reputation today.

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Let’s Talk Hiring

The Great Resignation, The Great Reassessment, The Great Reshuffle, there are many names for the unique movement in the labor market right now. Whatever you want to call it, it is safe to say it is presenting serious challenges to employers and especially small business owners who depend on their employees to keep operations afloat. Courtney Berg, HR consultant with the SBDC and owner of Courtside Consulting, recently presented a webinar session on helpful trends in the world of hiring.
Employees resigning can leave business owners feeling powerless and defeated. While you cannot control an employee’s decision to leave, it is important to remember what aspects are still within your control. Courtney’s presentation focuses on maintaining that mindset. Improving the aspects of your business that you do have control over will not only provide the best experience possible for your current employees, but will also foster a welcoming and enticing environment for new employees. Read on for Courtney’s top tips on creating a healthy work environment in this new era of workforce.

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