Feb 28 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Nicole Baker


Nicole Baker



3 Productivity Secrets Your Business Can’t Afford to Miss: How to use productivity to work less and achieve more

In this interactive workshop, Speaker and Coach for High Achieving Perfectionists, Nicole Baker, walks participants through three underrated productivity tools that are massively beneficial to the brain: Prime Hours, Ditching Multi-tasking, and Becoming an 85%-er.

As entrepreneurs, time is our most precious resource, but many of us are using our time getting bogged down by distractions, scrolling through social media, and quite frankly, procrastinating. This costs us not only hours during our work weeks, but thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars within the year. Plus, it costs us the impact that we know we are made to make in the world.

Participants will not only walk away from this workshop knowing these three tools inside and out, but they will spend time during the workshop curating the three tools to their specific business – allowing them to take action towards the best productivity of their lives!

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