Sep 22 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Lauren Kmetz


Lauren Kmetz

Other Organizers

Sam Peaslee
Sam Peaslee



How Should I Organize? Business Types and their Requirements

When starting a business, most people don’t give much thought to what type of business they should have. They go to the Secretary of State’s website, pick a name, reserve it, and voila! They have a business. But with those choices come responsibilities, liabilities, and consequences. Isn’t it better to pick the business that fits you and your business needs best?

Join Attorney Samantha Peaslee and CPA Lauren Kmetz to learn about the types of business entities in Colorado and the effect the choices of business entities can have on your liabilities, taxes, paperwork, and business structure. Even if you have already chosen your business type, this is a helpful class to learn what exactly you have chosen and if you need to change it.

Points Discussed:

I. Liability
a. Limited
b. Full
c. Joint and Several
d. Precautions

II. Taxes
a. Sole/Partner
b. S Corporation
c. C Corporation
d. Non-Profit
e. Employment

III. Formalities
a. Boards
b. Managers
c. Documents and Contracts
d. Separation

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