Jul 31 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


John Shields


John Shields



Marketing Mastery for Newbies: Start Here

Feeling confused by your marketing goals, plans, and tactics?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Join our one-hour webinar to make it all simple and clear.

Take a deep breath and learn from an expert. John Shields, from North Metro SBDC and Marketing Matters LLC, will teach you the basics you need to know.

What You’ll Learn:

•Setting Goals: How to make clear and easy marketing goals.

•Making Plans: How to create simple strategies that work.

•Using Tactics: Easy steps to reach your customers.

•Avoiding Mistakes: Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

•Measuring Success: How to check if your marketing is working.

•Understanding Marketing: Simple explanations of tricky ideas.

•Easy Guide: A super simple plan you can follow right away.

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John spent many years as a Global Senior Director for Fortune 500 Companies. He holds an MBA, a BS in Marketing, a BA in Communication, and is a Navy Veteran.

John believes small business owners have an extremely challenging role. They must understand and adapt to competition and balance very limited resources for maximum ROI. All the while, owners must also be an expert in the entire breadth of business functions e.g., Products, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Finance, IT and HR.

John’s driven to work with small business leaders and teams to breakdown and understand complex problems. Then, with owners/teams, define actionable strategies and tactics. Together we prioritize the options to focus on just those that scale and can be maintained with the business owner’s available resources and tools available from the Colorado SBDC.

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