Owning and operating a business is challenging. Doing so as someone who is underrepresented in business as well as their own industry ads even more hoops to jump through. For Miriam Rodriguez though, the challenges are worth struggling through to live everyday doing the work she loves. 

Miriam is the owner of CIMBRA Inc, a Brighton-based construction business offering landscaping, environmental services, and land reclamation services. She will be coming up on her 5-year mark in business this summer and has made use of the SBDC consulting services and programming for the last several years. Miriam is a recent graduate of the Leading Edge program through the North Metro SBDC, where she was enthusiastically engaged each week and capitalized on the new information to take her business to the next level. 

 Through the help of the SBDC and connections made during the course, Miriam received her certifications as a Minority/Woman-owned Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Emerging Business Enterprise in October of 2023. Feeling equipped with the necessary information and resources, Miriam states, “I feel happy and I feel like finally I am getting to where I wanted to be.” 

 Miriam expressed the difficulties of being a female leader in the construction industry. Despite being extremely qualified, she is often overlooked due to longstanding discrimination in the industry. However, feeling equipped by all she has learned in the Leading Edge course, coupled with the weekly dose of encouragement, Miriam has a renewed outlook on the industry that she loves and is willing to work through the discrimination to live out her passion. Fueled by a new sense of confidence, Miriam says, “Information is power.”  

 Since completing the Leading Edge course, Miriam has continued to meet with SBDC consultants and has been collaborating with counselors through CDOT as well as the MBO office. The SBDC is proud to support the journey of businesses like CIMBRA Inc. and celebrates the success Miriam has already realized as well as the new opportunities coming her way in the future.  

Dawna’s Design Threads

There is a story behind every quilt and few know this better than Dawna Sanders, owner of Dawna’s Design Threads, who has quilted more than 3,100 quilts during her time in business. Dawna’s own story is moving quickly as she is in the final stages of closing on the purchase of The Quilt Store, a major leap for her business.

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Core Progression Elite Personal Training

In 2006, Jon Cerf was graduating from Baylor University, working part time at a fitness center and had plans to go on to Med-School. He had done some work in the landscaping industry when he was in high school and had somewhat developed a fondness for the freedom of being involved independently in business. But something happened while working in the fitness world. The bright light of inspiration went off and he kept wondering how,

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Miss Penny’s Playskool

After a career as a preschool teacher in a childcare center, Penny Steinhour made the leap to become a licensed home childcare provider about 6 years ago to spend more time with her grandchildren. During this time, Penny said of herself, “I never really looked at it as a business. I looked at it as I was just grandma and I stayed home to take care of children to give them a good foundation for

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Melaxation Box

After a record year for stress and anxiety we could all use some relaxation. A silver lining of the collective trauma experienced throughout the pandemic is the importance of self-care that has been illuminated. Makalah Emanuel, CEO and Founder of Melaxation Boxes, is on a mission to continue amplifying the message of self-care through her business which sells boxes filled with hand-made gifts, thoughtful activities, and products from Black-Indigenous-People of Color-(BIPOC) owned businesses. “After a crazy year a gift of self-care felt like the most appropriate gift to give family members and friends,” Makalah says.

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Black Hound Design Company

Black Hound…a name one would at first think was associated to a dog training business or a hunting operation; however, the reality is that it belongs to a custom furniture design and manufacturing business…Black Hound Custom Furniture and Design. In 2013, the owners, James and Kate Hixson, had an idea…a vision that would expand and enhance James’s college education in sculpturing. What started as a wood sculpture for a friend, evolved into a prosperous and

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To say that Roger and Meghan Stockman have somewhat of a diverse background and childhood would be an understatement. Megan is a Kansas native raised in rural northern Kansas, served in the military and retired with the rank of Major. Roger, whose Father was with the State Department, was born in Singapore…lived in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Ireland…finally landing in Kansas City. Roger’s initial career was in Law Enforcement, serving with agencies in Lawrence,

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